Should You Install A Heater For Your Pool?

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Should You Install A Heater For Your Pool?

6 August 2015
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Summer days equal instant fun to anyone with a pool. Whether there is a cookout, a fun party for kids, or even just for exercise, pools are a wonderful oasis for any homeowner on a hot day. What happens after Labor Day, though? Without a pool heater, many simply cover the pool until spring comes. However, now that solar energy is more readily available, there are now 3 different types of heaters (gas, electric, and solar). Finding a heater to fit your lifestyle and financial status has never been easier, but is it worth it for you to purchase one for your pool? 

The Maintenance

In addition to the added maintenance of the pool heater itself, the pool will be getting more use which will require more upkeep. Pools generally spend their winters with a tarp covering them, however with regular use the weekly cleanings would need to continue. Whether you pay for this service or do it yourself, it will ultimately be more costly to maintain when used year-round.

The Comfort

Perhaps the most obvious luxury given by the pool heater is the unlimited use of the pool. There are far fewer days deemed "too chilly" to swim. Kids can actually enjoy an early swimming session during spring break. For some people, the extra pool time is more valuable than the money. How much your family would actually take advantage of the warm pool is a huge factor when thinking of the costs of a heater. Naturally, the investment is only worthwhile if you know your family will get out there and swim in the pool during the cooler days because the water is heated.

The Cost

Solar pool heaters are the most expensive to purchase and install, but the least expensive to operate. There are no monthly operation costs because the sun will always be free. Gas heaters and electric resistance heaters are the most expensive to operate, with some of the monthly operating costs around $500. They all have different efficiencies and lifespans, all of which ultimately affect the cost.

A pool heater can add a few months' worth of use to your pool, especially if you live in an area with mild winters. The surprisingly balmy spring days can be taken advantage of with no hesitation and very few to no snow days means keeping up with your exercise routine all year long. Ultimately, if the cost will outweigh the use, a heater would not be considered a good investment. However, if the pool will continue to get used, finding a heater to fit your budget is definitely the way to go.

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