Tips For Homeowners With Oil Burning Heating Systems

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Tips For Homeowners With Oil Burning Heating Systems

11 August 2015
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Heating your home is likely one of your largest winter expenses, and you may be one of the many homeowners that fail to realize there are steps that can be taken to reduce the amount you are paying to heat your home with oil. In particular, these two tips can help you to drastically reduce the amount you are paying to heat your home without reducing the comfort of those inside the house. 

Protect Yourself Against Heating Oil Price Increases

Many homeowners are unaware of the fact that it is possible for them to lock in the price that they are paying for their home's heating oil. This can prove to be a very valuable service because the price of oil can drastically increase from one year to the next. 

This was possible because many heating oil providers allow individuals to prepay for their future oil needs. As a result, you can purchase your heating a year ahead, and this will prevent price increases from impacting your heating budget. However, you should be aware that the exact terms of prepaying for oil vary from one provider to the next, and it is important for you to closely review the details of any agreement before you sign a contract. 

Keep Your Oil Burner Clean

Neglecting to properly maintain your oil burning heater can a major source of inefficiencies and problems. Over time, residue can start to accumulate around the burner, and this will have the effect of drastically reduce the amount of oil that is being burned. This can drastically reduce the heat produced by your system, but you can avoid this problem by simply cleaning the burner on a regular basis. 

When you perform this step, you will need to make sure the system is off before gently wiping away any residue from the burner. Make sure that you do not leave behind any threads from the towel or else they may ignite when the system starts. The exact frequency of these cleanings will vary based on how much you use your system, but you will want to perform this step whenever you notice residue starting to build up on the burner. 

Maintaining your oil burning heating system is an essential step for ensuring your home stays comfortable throughout the long and brutal winter months. By understanding that it may be possible for you to prepay for future oil purchases to avoid price increases and the importance of cleaning the oil burner, you should find you are far better informed about your home's heating system. 

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