Three Common Problems You Could Experience With Your Toilets

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Three Common Problems You Could Experience With Your Toilets

26 May 2016
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Your toilet is one of the most essential tools in your home, yet you probably do not give it much thought unless something is wrong with it. From flooding to clogs, your toilet can wreak havoc on your home and cost you a good bit of money in repairs. In order to maintain your toilets and keep them running properly for a long time, you have to understand what type of problems can exist. You don't have to be a plumber to troubleshoot some of these common problems. Here are some things you may encounter with your toilets and how to fix them. 

Water Damage Around the Toilet

A problem many homeowners face with their toilets is water damage surrounding the toilet. One reason for this is due to condensation on the toilet bowl. Correct this is by making sure there is plenty of ventilation in the bathroom. This can be done by installing a fan in the bathroom to help air it out. Once you have done that and still see condensation building on your toilet, you need to install an anti-sweat valve to your toilet supply line. This will help heat the temperature of the toilet bowl water just a little so that you do not experience condensation from a cold toilet bowl. 

Running Toilet Sound

Not only is listening to your toilet run constantly annoying, but it can also be costly. It uses much more water than it needs to when it continues to run. To understand how to fix this, you have to understand why the water is running to begin with. This running sound is coming from the toilet tank water level being too low. If you have an excess amount of water in the toilet bowl, chances are the water level in the tank is lower than it should be. The fix can be as simple as changing the toilet tank flapper or something more extensive like a problem with the shutoff. If you change the tank flapper and still have issues, it is best to call a licensed plumber to take a look at it. 

Broken Wax Ring

Another common problem with toilets is a broken wax ring. The wax ring is designed to seal the porcelain bowl to the metal pipe. A wax ring is only going to last for so long before it loses the seal and breaks altogether. If you see water coming from under the toilet, the problem may very well be a broken wax ring. The easiest way to handle this is by replacing the old wax ring with a brand new one. Contact a contractor, like GNL  Inc, for more help.