Three Tips For Better AC Performance

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Three Tips For Better AC Performance

14 July 2016
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The summer heat can quickly lead to long days of air conditioner use, and if your AC unit isn't working properly then your energy bill can skyrocket. To help your AC run properly and efficiently, there are some tips and services that you will want to perform on your unit before the heat waves begin to roll in. So to ensure your unit produces excellent results without you having to overwork the unit, consider the following:

Clean The Outdoor Unit and Surroundings:

Servicing your outdoor unit, which is your condenser unit, is a very effective solution if you are trying to improve the performance of your AC unit. With services as simple as cleaning the unit off, you can notice increased airflow, which can result in your home cooling off without having to run your air conditioner as long. So, clean the vents and filter of your condenser by using a pressured water hose or by using a soft brush to clear out any debris and dirt from the vents. 

Service Old and Dirty Filters:

The air that your condenser pulls in and converts into cooler air will pass through your filters, and if the filters you are using are old and dirty, then the air that is delivered to your home can be a threat to your health. Not only is this a reason alone to replace your filters, but old and dirty filters can eventually clog, which can reduce the amount of new air from entering through your vents. This can impact the performance of your air conditioner, which you can avoid by replacing or cleaning out your old and dirty air filters.

Add Sealant to Your Windows:

It is likely that your outdoor unit is plugged into a side window of your home. If this window has any leaks, this could result in poor air delivery from your unit, which can cause you to run your AC for a longer time in order to notice a cooler air temperature in your home. So, by adding window sealant, you can help improve your air delivery into your home so you can see better results from your air conditioner.

These three services and tips can be a great way for you to see and notice better results from your AC so you can run it at a minimum and still keep your home cool. So, if you want to make sure that you are going to keep your energy bill low this upcoming summer while being able to operate your unit, be sure to take advantage of these AC services that you can do on your own. Contact a company like Coastal Home Services for more information.