3 Common Problems With Commercial Refrigerators And Ways To Fix Them

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3 Common Problems With Commercial Refrigerators And Ways To Fix Them

22 May 2018
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They often go unnoticed, but the refrigerators in your commercial building play a pivotal role in keeping everyone's meals fresh and cold. They can't do their job, however, when they break down. You can prevent this from happening when you know how to fix these common problems. 

Ice Maker Not Working 

Without a working ice maker, your employees wouldn't be able to keep their beverages cool. Sometimes fixing this part is as simple as removing blocked ice from the inside of your fridge. This will only take a few seconds and will do the trick most of the time. You may also need to remove debris that has built up in the screen and filter. 

If these steps don't work, something may be wrong with the ice maker's motor. In this case, it will need to be repaired or replaced. Consult with a licensed refrigeration repair professional so you can decide what the best corrective action is. 

Continual Cycling

If you walk by your commercial refrigerator and hear a lot of noise, it is cycling. When this happens constantly, it can be very irritating to hear for others and cost you a lot of money over the years. This can happen for several reasons, such as dirty condenser coils and setting the temperature too low. 

First, you'll want to adjust the temperature range according to what the manufacturer recommends. If that doesn't work, you should proceed by cleaning the condenser coils. They'll be in the front or back, and cleaning them won't be challenging when you use compressed air from a can. If cycling issues still continue, you may need to have your refrigerator inspected professionally. 

Insufficient Cold Air Inside

When the air inside your refrigerator doesn't get cold enough, the foods and drinks inside will not be properly preserved. Then, in addition to bad odors, you may have to completely throw out these contaminated contents. 

If cooling issues are present, you may just need to clean the condenser coils. Doing so can help these coils work more effectively and push more cool air inside your commercial refrigerator. Or, the defrost thermostat may need to be replaced. This replacement job can be executed quickly and safely by a refrigeration repair specialist. 

For smooth operations at work, you need your commercial refrigerators running properly. They can if you know how to fix common problems and get help from specialists who can provide further assistance when needed. Check out websites like 1800coolaid.com to learn more.