Is Your Refrigerant Low? Warning Signs To Look For

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Is Your Refrigerant Low? Warning Signs To Look For

7 October 2018
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If your air conditioner does not blow cold air, the problem could be due to a low level of refrigerant. An air conditioner requires refrigerant to create cold air. As time goes on, the refrigerant could leak out and prevent the air conditioner from working properly. Here are some warning signs of low refrigerant:

Reduced Cold Air

When the refrigerant levels get too low, your air conditioner will not produce cold air. When the pressurization system of the air conditioner is not sealed properly, the refrigerant can leak. Without enough refrigerant, the compressor will not create cold air, and it usually requires a recharge of refrigerant to work.

You See Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant looks like a greasy liquid built up on the components of the air conditioner. It can also leak under the HVAC system and pool up. The refrigerant will leak out completely unless the problem is repaired. Without refrigerant, the air conditioner will not work.

If you can see the refrigerant, the problem is clear. Aside from the fact you will not have a system that cools your home adequately, refrigerant is a highly toxic substance. Refrigerant can get into the ground water and leech into your water supply. Animals and small children could accidentally get into the leaking refrigerant and ingest the substance, which is poisonous and could result in death. If you see any sign of a refrigerant leak, you need to have your HVAC technician inspect the system completely to make the necessary repairs and clean up the leaking refrigerant.

Ice Is Visibly Built Up on the Components

Another symptom of a refrigerant leak is the buildup of ice on the components of the air conditioner system. Refrigerant is designed to freeze anything on touch. This includes the interior of the system. Under normal circumstances, refrigerant is contained in coils to help it navigate throughout the system and produce the cold air.

When the refrigerant leaks outside the system, it will get onto the components of the air conditioner and freeze. The substance is so cold it will turn into ice, thus resulting in an ice buildup.

In ideal circumstances, the refrigerant levels should never change. There has to be some type of damage or wear and tear causing the refrigerant to leave the system. If you find your refrigerant levels become low, you need to hire an HVAC technician to inspect your system to determine where the leak is. He or she will also need to recharge the refrigerant once the repairs are made.

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