Why A Sinking Air Conditioning Pad Is A Big Deal

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Why A Sinking Air Conditioning Pad Is A Big Deal

6 March 2019
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If your air conditioning unit is like many, then it might be located outside and might be placed on a concrete pad. Concrete is a popular choice because it can last for a long time and because it provides a steady, hard and flat surface for your air conditioning unit to sit on top of. However, even concrete pads that are installed properly can begin to sink over time. This is caused by various things, such as the soil underneath and around the concrete eroding away because of rain. Once your air conditioning pad starts to sink, you should call a pro to help. After all, a sinking air conditioning pad can cause these issues.

It's Unsightly

For one thing, you probably want your yard—and your air conditioning system—to look neat and tidy. If your air conditioning pad is sinking and your unit is not level, then this can cause your unit and pad to look unsightly and poorly kept.

It Can Cause Strain on Tubes and Wires

One big problem that goes along with a sinking air conditioning pad is the fact that it can put a strain on tubes and wires. If the electrical wiring or air conditioning lines become strained, then they can come loose or can break. This can be dangerous in some cases, such as with electrical wires, and it can cause problems with your unit in other situations.

It Can Allow Your Air Conditioning Unit to Get Too Wet

Even though air conditioning units that are placed outside are typically able to withstand the elements somewhat without any problems, your air conditioning unit should not be sitting in water. If your air conditioning pad has sunk, then your unit could end up sitting in water.

It Can Prevent Your Condenser Pump from Working Properly

In order for your condenser pump to be able to do its job, your air conditioning unit needs to be sitting flat and level. If it's leaning, then fluids cannot travel as they are supposed to, which can make it difficult for your condenser pump to work as it is supposed to.

A sinking air conditioning pad is actually a bigger deal than many people realize. If you have noticed that your concrete pad is starting to sink a little bit but if your unit is still level, then it's not an emergency situation. However, it is something that you should look into sooner rather than later so that the problem can be repaired before serious issues start to pop up. For more information, reach out to a residential AC maintenance and repair professional.