3 Things You Can Do After Having Your Air Conditioner Fixed To Keep It In Good Shape

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3 Things You Can Do After Having Your Air Conditioner Fixed To Keep It In Good Shape

23 May 2019
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Having your air conditioner repaired can quite the process, so it's a good idea to take steps that will help keep your HVAC system in good shape after repairs are made so you're less likely to face another breakdown at some point in the future. Here are a few options that should be considered.

Have the System Tuned Up

After your air conditioner is repaired, it's a good idea to have your technician tune the whole system up to ensure that every component is working properly and that nothing is putting unnecessary wear and tear on the system overall. If your air conditioner gets fixed but an underlying problem is missed, you may end up having to make repairs sooner rather than later, which will just waste time and money when all is said and done.

Your service provider likely won't have time to complete a tune-up on the same day that they make repairs, so it's a good idea to schedule a separate appointment for a tune-up after the repairs have been made, so you can help to enhance convenience and efficiency for everyone involved.

Schedule Regular Inspections

After your HVAC system has been repaired and tuned up, you can help ensure that the system stays in good shape and you can minimize the chance that you'll face the need for more repairs by scheduling regular professional HVAC inspections. By having your HVAC system inspected by a professional once or twice a year, you'll be able to catch small problems early so they don't develop into serious issues that require expensive repairs.

After each inspection, your technician will provide you with a report of any problems they've found, and they will help you determine which issues should be addressed right away and which likely won't cause further problems in the future. So you'll be able to maintain full control over the inspections, and you can have peace of mind in knowing that your HVAC system is in reliable working condition by the end of each inspection.

Create a Maintenance Plan

It's also a good idea to create your own maintenance plan to follow after your home's air conditioner has been repaired. Properly maintaining your HVAC system is an essential part of keeping it in good shape as it ages and minimizing the number of repairs that you'll have to make as the years pass. Luckily, you can do much of the maintenance yourself. Just create a maintenance checklist to follow and use the checklist once a month or so. Some tasks that should be added to your maintenance checklist include the following:

  • Changing or cleaning the air filters

  • Checking the condenser for clogs

  • Cleaning the exterior HVAC unit

  • Check for air duct leaks

  • Inspect the control box

Your air conditioning service provider can help you create a DIY maintenance checklist and then teach you how to properly and efficiently complete all of the tasks on your checklist.