Questions About Your AC Needs

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Questions About Your AC Needs

9 December 2020
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Some people don't put much more thought into their central air conditioner than to set the thermostat and hopefully make sure the filter is clean. The less concern you have for your air conditioner, the higher the chances that you are going to end up paying for repairs that didn't have to happen. ACs do require routine servicing, just as all the systems in a house do. If you've recently found yourself in a home with central AC, don't make mistakes that'll have you paying for repairs, paying for an entirely new AC, or leaving you stuck in a hot house with no way to cool it. These FAQs on AC service may save you from making these types of mistakes and help you understand why it should be annually serviced. 

Should you leave the windows open when the central air is on?

You do not want to leave the windows open when your central air conditioner is on. A swamp cooler is a different type of cooling system and it is designed to run with open windows. However, if you leave the windows open when you have your air conditioning on, then it may never reach the temp you have it set to, which means excessive wear is being put on the system. Not to mention, your electric bill will severely increase. One of the benefits of having your system serviced by an HVAC tech is they can let you know about things like this while servicing your AC. They can help you prevent costly mistakes. 

Is there a limit to how long you can run the AC?

With proper AC servicing, central ACs are very resilient and they can be left on all day and night if needed. They will only turn on when the temp rises above what you have it set for on the thermostat. Once it brings the temp down to the set temperature, it shuts back off, so it's not going to run 24 hours without any downtime. You do want to make sure you don't forget to have it serviced each year and also keep the filter clean. 

What do you need to do before using the central air for the first time each year?

Each year, you want to make an appointment to have a tech come to service the central air early before the temperature gets too high. This way, you won't get caught on a very hot day without AC. When they come, they will make sure everything is clean and in good shape for you. However, you want to regularly check a few things. Check the filter, keep all the vents wide open, keep weeds and bushes from growing close to the exterior housing, and always act fast and have it looked at if anything seems off.

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