4 Things Every Business Owner Should Know Before Installing A Commercial Air Conditioning System

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4 Things Every Business Owner Should Know Before Installing A Commercial Air Conditioning System

5 March 2021
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Running a business involves considering various factors and making critical decisions. A critical component you have to consider is your building's air conditioning. An efficient AC is essential and can help ensure comfort, especially during the hot summer months. This is because an uncomfortable workspace reduces employee productivity. So, it is important to find an ideal air conditioner for your premises, whether installing a new system or upgrading the old one. The article highlights the essential things you need to know before installing a commercial air conditioning system.  

1. Analyze the Current Conditions of Your Building

You need an professional to analyze your building to determine whether investing in a new air conditioner is necessary. This includes analyzing the weather conditions, energy needs, size, and several other factors. That helps the professionals choose the best solutions for your needs. The details they analyze will also ensure you get an energy-efficient air conditioner that guarantees comfort.

2. Find out the Warranty Details

The warranty on your air conditioning system ensures you don't incur repair or replacement expenses for a certain period after installation. Different manufacturers offer varying warranty terms for their systems. So, take the time to find out what your warranty covers and what it doesn't. It is also good to know various things that might void the warranty.

Some companies offer an extended warranty, and it is also vital to understand what is included in that too. Researching details about your contract is important if you wish to get the most suitable deal for your business. If you are unsure which warranty terms might be ideal for your company, seek help from commercial air conditioning professionals.

3. Deal With the Ductwork

Ensure your building's ductwork is in good shape before installing an air conditioner. If your ducts are old or inefficient, they will likely leak out some of the cool air. That's why professionals recommend improving or adjusting the air conditioner ducts before putting up your new unit. If your building is old, then it may be necessary to change the ductwork.

4. Calculate the Costs

Apart from your AC's buying price, also consider the installation and maintenance costs. Ask the professionals to provide a detailed breakdown of the costs from the air conditioner's price to the installation. It is also essential to find out how the professionals charge to maintain your unit. However, avoid dwelling too much on the price, and focus on getting an efficient unit and quality AC services that won't disappoint.

Getting a new air conditioning unit involves considering various critical factors. If you are unsure of what you need, hire professionals to help you. Qualified air conditioner contractors know the crucial elements to check and ensure you get the most suitable and efficient air conditioning unit for your business.