Likely Reasons Why You Could Be In Need Of Air Conditioning Repair

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Likely Reasons Why You Could Be In Need Of Air Conditioning Repair

19 August 2021
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The last thing any homeowner would want to deal with is a broken-down air conditioning system in the middle of summer. Yet, since this season is when your air conditioning system works its hardest, issues tend to crop up when summer starts to wind down. But do not make the mistake of ignoring the signs of an underlying issue, as this simply leaves room for it to worsen, and this could lead to irreparable damage.

If you have checked the circuit breaker as well as the thermostat and have not noticed anything out of the ordinary, you must enlist the help of air conditioning repair services. Keep reading for a few of the likely reasons why you may require these services.

The capacitors are broken

While you may be familiar with the components that make up the interior unit of your air conditioning system, not many homeowners are as bothered with their outdoor unit. As long as you have kept debris off this unit and cleaned its surrounding, it probably never crosses your mind. But what you are often left unaware of is that this unit relies on two components, known as capacitors, to not only get your air conditioning system to switch on but they also keep it running.

Therefore, if the issue that you are facing with your air conditioning unit is not switching on, the problem may lie with the capacitors. Having a technician come and carry out air conditioning repair is vital if you are to restore the functionality of your AC system. You should also take measures to ensure that an AC technician can carry out annual AC servicing so that any issues with the capacitors are caught on time and replaced before the operation of your AC system is jeopardized.

The relay switch has malfunctioned

Admittedly, your air conditioning system not turning on should be a major concern since you cannot receive any cool air to stay comfortable amidst the sweltering summer heat. However, the opposite can happen as well! In some cases, you may start having trouble with turning off your air conditioning system, making it run continuously. You could be thinking that this saves you the trouble of turning on your AC when you need it but this is grossly incorrect.

The reality is that this system will consume an excessive amount of power with each day that it does not turn off. Usually, this problem arises when the relay switch has malfunctioned so the electric current that operates the motor is not regulated. Seeking air conditioning repair is advisable so that the malfunctioned switch can be replaced.