4 Crucial AC Installation Tips

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4 Crucial AC Installation Tips

4 November 2021
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When outdoor temperatures get too high, you can rely on your air conditioner to cool the indoors. However, the performance of the unit depends on its working condition. Besides, an old system is not as effective as a new one. 

Other factors that can impact your AC's efficacy are its size, location, and energy rating. When it comes to location, certain places are not ideal for an air conditioning installation. That is why you should work with a trained HVAC contractor during the installation of the system. Here are some ideas to help you find a suitable spot for your air conditioning

Keep It Away From Hot Areas

An excessively hot location forces your unit to work extra hard. And when the AC works more than it should, it uses up more electricity, resulting in high electric bills. Because of that, AC experts recommend installing the unit in areas with permanent shade. That's because the shade will cool down the system despite the heat.

Do Not Hide Your AC

As much as you need to keep your AC from hot areas, you shouldn't install it in concealed places, which could have insufficient ventilation. For that reason, it is advisable to avoid placing the unit behind furniture and other obstacles for the indoor unit. Moreover, you should clear plants and remove anything blocking the outdoor system. 

Keep Your Air Conditioner Away From Fire Hazards

Installing an air conditioning system near a fire hazard is dangerous. For instance, an AC that is too near a faulty electrical outlet can easily spread a fire. In addition, having a separate circuit for your AC eliminates the possibility of an overload that can start a fire. 

If you are looking to install a window AC unit, do not choose the fire exit window. Instead, choose a different window to avoid obstructing the fire exit. 

Your Trash Can Be Far From Your AC

When your AC is running, it usually collects the surrounding air and filters it. However, the effectiveness of the unit will depend on the amount of dirt in the surrounding air. For example, if the system is located near the trash can, the air is highly contaminated, making the system circulate dirty air in the home. Because of that, you should keep the trash can away from the AC to enjoy the fresh air. 

From the above points, it is clear that AC installation is not something you can embark on without proper knowledge. Therefore, you need to involve an expert HVAC contractor since they have all it takes for a successful AC installation.