What Risks Do Tree Roots Pose On Your Drainage System?

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What Risks Do Tree Roots Pose On Your Drainage System?

20 January 2022
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Rooter cleaning is among the plumbing services that many homeowners don't always think about. Yet, when something happens to the drains and sewer lines, these homeowners might start to panic. Tree roots, corrosion, and debris can quickly build up around your home's plumbing fixtures and cause great damage to your underground plumbing.

Here are the top four risks of failing to unclog your drainage system. 

Multiple Clogged Drains

Tree roots grow in and around underground plumbing lines in search of water and nutrients. As these roots feed on nutrients in the pipes, they grow and expand, ultimately blocking the drainage system. If you notice that your toilet, sink, and other fixtures won't drain the wastewater, there is a good chance that your main drain line is clogged.

Multiple clogged drains are frustrating because home remedies like chemical drain cleaners and plungers don't always work. These types of clogs require the help of qualified plumbing experts.

Wastewater Backup

Wastewater backup occurs when water backs up into one plumbing fixture when you use another. For example, wastewater could back into your bathtub after you flush the toilet. 

Wastewater backups indicate the drain lines are completely clogged. As such, there is nowhere for wastewater to go except back into your home. Untreated wastewater backup can pose serious health problems to your family because of the raw sewage. Moreover, this water can severely damage your home's walls and foundations, resulting in expensive repair costs. Ensure your plumber diagnoses and removes the clog. Doing so will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Mysterious Foul Odor 

Sewer drains are responsible for transporting your home's gray and black water into the sewer system. Any blockages in these drains may leave you with standing water that won't drain out of your home. If this water stands long enough to mix with sewage, you may begin to notice a foul smell coming from several plumbing fixtures inside your home. Often, the foul odor won't go no matter how much you clean.

The only viable solution is to call a reliable plumber who can remove the blockages along the sewer lines and clean the pipes. Only then can your home smell good again.

Problem With Fruit Flies

Organic materials such as food and scraps stuck in your drainage pipes attract fruit flies. If you start to notice fruit flies in and around your home, the drainage pipes may be clogged by nearby tree roots. Getting rid of fruit flies can be a nightmare. You may try to clear any food crumbs off kitchen counters and clean them as best as you can, but that might still not be enough to get rid of the flies. 

Experienced plumbing professionals will remove all traces of roots from your drains and clean any food buildup inside your plumbing lines. When the food is gone, fruit flies won't stand a chance at survival.

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