Repairing The Issues That Your Boiler Has Encountered

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Repairing The Issues That Your Boiler Has Encountered

17 October 2022
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During the winter months, your home's boiler can be an appliance that will likely need to be in near constant use if the home is to remain at a warm and comfortable temperature. As a result, problems with the boiler can be an emergency situation. 

Residential Boiler Malfunctions Can Cause Extensive Property Damage

In addition to causing the home to become uncomfortably cool, boiler problems can also have a high risk of causing substantial damage to the home. For example, a boiler that is leaking could contribute to substantial water damage occurring to the interior of the house. Unfortunately, it could also be possible for some boiler problems to be far more serious. In particular, problems that cause the interior pressure of the boiler to exceed its design limits could lead to a situation where there is a potentially catastrophic failure of the system.

Frozen Condensate Pipes Can Be A Common Issue For Modern Residential Boilers

Many modern boilers will use condensate pipes to help manage the steam and waste gas that the system is creating. Not surprisingly, there can be a risk of these pipes freezing during the cold winter months. Once they freeze, they may completely block the flow of water and steam through them. In addition to directly impacting the performance of the system, this could eventually lead to serious damage occurring to the boiler.

If you notice that ice is forming on the condensate pipe, it may be necessary to turn off the boiler until the ice can be removed. In some situations, this may have to be done manually because the temperature may be too low for the ice to melt in a reasonable time. A residential boiler repair technician will be able to safely and quickly remove this ice so that the system can resume functioning as intended.

Faulty Temperature Regulators

The temperature regulator on the boiler is one of the most important components of the system because it will directly determine the amount of heat that the unit produces. Unfortunately, there are many different ways that temperature regulators can become faulty. If this occurs, the boiler may begin to overheat. This can lead to damage to the components of the boiler, but it can also contribute to the interior pressure potentially reaching dangerous levels. Luckily, the temperature regulator for the boiler may be relatively inexpensive to replace, and prompt action may prevent more costly and severe damage from occurring to the system.

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