Signs Your Ductwork Needs To Be Fixed By An AC Repair Contractor

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Signs Your Ductwork Needs To Be Fixed By An AC Repair Contractor

22 February 2023
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If you expect your home's AC unit to work great, then the ductwork that it's connected to also needs to be in phenomenal condition. Otherwise, you'll have cooling and efficiency issues. If you notice any of these signs, you need to hire an AC repair contractor to fix said ductwork immediately.

Temperatures Different in Each Room 

If your AC unit's ductwork is in good condition and working like it's supposed to, then each room in your household should reach the same temperature roughly. If this doesn't happen in your home, it could be because there's a hole in the ductwork somewhere.

In that case, make sure you hire an AC repair contractor right away. They'll be able to perform a detailed inspection using innovative camera solutions, which will be put inside the ductwork and moved around to show exactly where holes or punctures are. Then the AC repair contractor will know what section to repair so that each room gets as cold as it's supposed to. 

Vents Are Really Dirty

You may not be able to see every section of ductwork in your home, but you can see the vents. If they seem really dirty, then you might have a problem with your AC unit's filter. You need to respond quickly before the ducts become so dirty too to where the blockage occurs and thus causes your AC unit to work inefficiently.

An AC repair contractor can easily fix filtering issues because they know where your AC unit's filter is and what to check for in particular. If it's too dirty and can't be reused, they'll find a replacement immediately. Whereas if the filter can be used again, they'll use the appropriate cleaning protocols that restore its filtering performance.

Airflow Isn't That Strong Anymore

When your AC unit performs great, it should produce good airflow. If this aspect isn't great anymore — which you can test by putting your hands near a vent in your home — then you need to hire an AC repair contractor.

They can carefully inspect your ductwork to see why there's a problem with your AC unit's airflow. It could be a tear in the ductwork or sections that have compacted inward. The repair contractor will resolve the problem regardless.

If there are some red flags regarding your home's ductwork, then it's a good idea to hire an AC repair contractor. They can fix issues before your AC unit's performance is severely affected. 

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