Why Is Your Air Conditioning System Constantly Clicking?

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Why Is Your Air Conditioning System Constantly Clicking?

30 June 2023
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Air conditioning systems often make clicking sounds when they cycle on and off. However, if you hear constant clicking from your cooling units, then this could be a sign that your system has a problem. Why do AC systems constantly click?

Problems With Fans

If you hear regular clicking, then your air conditioner's fan might have a problem. Sometimes, fans make clicking noises when debris gets stuck in their working area. For example, if a leaf, small stone, or twig gets stuck close to the fan in your outdoor unit, then you'll hear clicks as the fan works.

Here, the clicks come from the contact between the fan's blades and the foreign object. The fan makes a noise every time it hits the object.

In some cases, fans make clicking sounds because they are damaged. For example, if a blade has moved out of position or is bent, or if the fan itself has come loose, then it might hit other parts of the system as it works.

Problems With Thermostats

Your system's thermostat makes normal clicking sounds when it turns your air conditioning on and off. It prompts switches to turn on and off in your system. When it does this, you hear clicks.

However, these sounds sometimes happen all the time because the thermostat has a fault. If it isn't working correctly, say because it has a loose wire or broken relay, then it might be trying to cycle your system on and off all the time. The clicking noises you hear are the thermostat turning switches on and off too often.

Problems With Electrical Connections

Clicking noises in AC systems can also be down to electrical faults. A loose or broken connection or contact can't provide a safe and smooth power supply. It might click as electricity runs through it.

Your system's capacitor can also make clicking sounds. This part gives your system the surge of electricity it needs to start working.

If your capacitor is damaged or has failed, then it might make clicking noises when it tries to work. These noises are sometimes accompanied by buzzing sounds from your system's motor as it tries to work without a capacitor charge.

You should fix unusual noises in AC systems fast. They can be a sign of a developing problem which could lead to a breakdown or more serious damage. If your system is clicking because it has an electrical fault, then this could be dangerous.

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