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Your AC Won’t Turn On. Why?

19 April 2019
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In the heat of the summer, turning your thermostat to air conditioning mode, only to find that warm air emerges from the vents, can be incredibly frustrating. You might figure that your air conditioner is done — kaput — but in reality, there are many possible explanations as to why an air conditioner won't turn on, and some of them are pretty easy to solve. Loose Wiring One possibility is that one or more of the wires leading to your air conditioner have become loose or are shorting out. Read More …

Why A Sinking Air Conditioning Pad Is A Big Deal

6 March 2019
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If your air conditioning unit is like many, then it might be located outside and might be placed on a concrete pad. Concrete is a popular choice because it can last for a long time and because it provides a steady, hard and flat surface for your air conditioning unit to sit on top of. However, even concrete pads that are installed properly can begin to sink over time. This is caused by various things, such as the soil underneath and around the concrete eroding away because of rain. Read More …

Parts of Your Furnace That Need to Be Cleaned Regularly

22 January 2019
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Your furnace lasts longer and needs fewer repairs when it's cleaned out regularly. Having the furnace cleaned before the heating season begins is the best option, but it can be done at any time. The furnace has to be shut off during the process, so cleaning and servicing it when the weather isn't too cold is probably a good idea. However, if a dirty furnace is not functioning properly, then it's better to call a technician for service right away rather than wait for warmer weather. Read More …