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Possible Reasons Your Furnace Is Leaking And Repairs It Might Need

28 December 2019
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If you see water leaking or dripping from your furnace you should find out what's causing the leak right away. Here are some problems your furnace repair technician might find and the repairs that could be needed. A Clog In The Drain Line If you have a newer high-efficiency furnace, a clog in the condensation drain is a likely cause of dripping water. A high-efficiency furnace is expected to create condensation, so there's a drainage system in place. Read More …

Answers To Your Household Propane Questions

21 November 2019
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Whether you use propane to heat, fuel gas appliances like stoves, or both, knowing a few basics about the fuel and tank system helps ensure smooth operation. If you have some questions about your propane services, you may be able to find the answer below. How can I tell if there is a leak? There are several symptoms that your tank is leaking. The most alarming is the odor of rotten eggs. Read More …

2 Signs You Should Replace The Cast-Iron Pipes In Your Home

21 October 2019
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If you live in an old house, you may have cast-iron pipes, which normally lasts for many years. However, the iron does eventually wear down and is prone to rust and corrosion. If you are wondering if it is time to replace your home's cast-iron plumbing, look for the following signs of deterioration. 1.  Water Coming out of Your Faucets Is Discolored One sign that your cast-iron pipes are starting to deteriorate and need to be replaced can be found in the water coming out of the faucets. Read More …

HVAC System Getting Old And Not Heating? Two Tips To Get The Unit Heating Again

16 September 2019
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If your current heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is getting old, you will likely start having problems with it in the future. One of these problems is your unit not heating properly. If you are having this issue, below are two tips to help you get your unit heating your home again. Check the Thermostat Your HVAC system has a furnace installed that heats your home. The thermostat inside your home regulates the temperature of the furnace. Read More …

How To Quickly Ease The Workload On Your Air Conditioner

7 August 2019
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When the weather is hot, your home's air conditioner will be working full speed to keep your indoor air cool. Because of the extra workload, you need to take some precautions to ensure your air conditioner continues to function properly during the hot weather season. Here are some things you can to help ease the strain on your air conditioner until you need a new air conditioning installation: Turn Up the Thermostat Read More …