Preventing Health Problems in Your Workplace with HVAC Repairs, Upgrades, and Maintenance

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Preventing Health Problems in Your Workplace with HVAC Repairs, Upgrades, and Maintenance

10 August 2016
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The money you lose when your employees are out sick can make a huge dent in your overall profits, even more so when the reason they are getting sick is in your building. You have probably taken steps to lower your energy costs by sealing air leaks in your building, and while this is a positive step toward saving money on your heating and cooling costs, it can also be the reason your employees are suffering with symptoms of sick building syndrome. Learn how timely HVAC repairs, upgrades, and maintenance can help reduce the risk of your building being sick and passing its condition on to your employees.

Clean Up Indoor Air Quality with the Installation of a Fresh-Air System

If your building is sealed tight for energy savings, adding a fresh-air system to your HVAC system is a good idea for promoting your building's indoor air quality. A fresh-air system works to pull fresh air indoors directly from outside, a huge benefit that will help to dilute stale, unhealthy indoor air. Air-borne contaminants produced inside your building are forced outside when fresh air is pulled in, another great benefit of upgrading your HVAC system with a fresh-system addition.

Have Duct-Work Inspection Done As a Vital Aspect of Preventing Sick Building Syndrome

When the ducts in your HVAC system are damaged, allergens like dust can pass through them and into your workplace. As the HVAC system continues running, higher levels of allergens build up inside your building, even more so when you have the building sealed tight for saving energy. Taking steps to have your HAVC system's ducts inspected on a regular basis is important to maintain the good health of your building and the employees working in it. Anytime the ducts are damaged, having them repaired right away is important.

Everyone Knows About HVAC Filter Replacements

Most people in both commercial and residential structures know the importance of changing the filters in HVAC systems. However, if you forget to replace filters in your system and have the building sealed up to prevent high energy costs, you could be pushing harmful contaminants through your indoor air space that could be harmful, especially to people that already at higher risk for issues like asthma. Making it a point of high importance to keep clean filters in your HVAC system is important and could help to save you a great deal of money from production losses caused by sick employees being out.

Preventing profit losses is essential for your business to become more successful. Take the time to look at your building's HVAC system for finding ways to reduce the risk of your building being the reason you employees are calling in sick. You can contact a company like Elite Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for more information.