Three Tankless Water-Heater Myths Refuted

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Three Tankless Water-Heater Myths Refuted

12 October 2016
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Making sure that your home has an efficient water heater is important for the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Eventually, you will be required by circumstances to replace your water heater with a new model. When it is time for your home to undergo this upgrade, you should understand the following truths about routine myths concerning tankless water heaters so that you can be better able to evaluate this as an option for your home.

Myth: Tankless Water Heaters Require a Lot of Space to Install

It is no secret that a home is an expensive purchase to make, and many people are limited to owning small homes. As a result, these individuals might assume that they do not have the space to have these systems installed. Fortunately, one of the important benefits of a tankless water heater is that it will not require much interior space. This is due to the fact that these systems are made of a series of tubes that can be installed under floors or in the ceiling. As a result, a tankless water heater can be the perfect solution for those that own smaller homes.

Myth: These Systems Utilize More Energy Than a Standard Unit

Reducing the energy usage of a home is an important goal for helping the environment and reducing your monthly utility expenses. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that a tankless water heater will require more energy than a traditional unit. In reality, a tankless water heater will be a more efficient option than a traditional unit due to the fact that it only heats water on demand. A standard water heater will store the heated water in a large reservoir, and it will need to constantly expend energy in order to keep the water in the reservoir the desired temperature.

Myth: Tankless Water Heaters Are Prone to Malfunctioning

Due to the fact that a tankless water heater is a complicated device, many homeowners may assume that it will be more prone to malfunctioning. In actuality, these systems are extremely durable, as they have few moving parts. While it is rare for these systems to malfunction, they have a sectional design that will allow a contractor to quickly replace any parts of the tubing that start to malfunction. The pump that circulates water through the tubing is one of the more complicated parts of these systems, and you will want to have the pump serviced each year so that minor instances of wear and tear do not compromise its performance.

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