HVAC System Getting Old And Not Heating? Two Tips To Get The Unit Heating Again

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HVAC System Getting Old And Not Heating? Two Tips To Get The Unit Heating Again

16 September 2019
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If your current heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is getting old, you will likely start having problems with it in the future. One of these problems is your unit not heating properly. If you are having this issue, below are two tips to help you get your unit heating your home again.

Check the Thermostat

Your HVAC system has a furnace installed that heats your home. The thermostat inside your home regulates the temperature of the furnace. Because of this, the first thing you should check is the thermostat. If it is not working at all, meaning there are no numbers on the display, turn the thermostat off and back on. If it does not come on, then your problem is a bad thermostat. If the thermostat is working, check the temperature setting to ensure it is set correctly. The best place to start is always the easiest.

To check the furnace, change the thermostat setting to cool and then back to heat again. Go to the thermostat and raise the temperature setting approximately five degrees. Wait about a minute and then go to a vent register in the room and see if there is heat blowing from it. 

Reset the Furnace

If you feel no heat at all, then you can reset the furnace. How you do this depends on if you have an electric furnace or a gas furnace. If electric, you should see a reset butting that is generally red. Press this button. Wait about five minutes then press the reset button again. 

If you have a gas furnace, turn the gas off, wait five minutes and turn the gas back on to reset the furnace. Gas can be dangerous to work around so if you do not feel comfortable doing this, contact an HVAC contractor. If you have never turned the gas off before but would like to know how, you can refer to the HVAC owner's manual and you should find this information.

If you are still not getting any heat, then an internal component of the HVAC system is likely not working properly. This is when it is time to contact a heating repair company to come to your home. Never try to open the unit on your own as you could cause damage. The damage you cause may result in a higher repair bill. The heating repair contractor can give you much more information to help you in the future.