Possible Reasons Your Furnace Is Leaking And Repairs It Might Need

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Possible Reasons Your Furnace Is Leaking And Repairs It Might Need

28 December 2019
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If you see water leaking or dripping from your furnace you should find out what's causing the leak right away. Here are some problems your furnace repair technician might find and the repairs that could be needed.

A Clog In The Drain Line

If you have a newer high-efficiency furnace, a clog in the condensation drain is a likely cause of dripping water. A high-efficiency furnace is expected to create condensation, so there's a drainage system in place. Condensation collects in a drain pan and the drain pan connects to a hose that empties in a floor drain or outside. If the hose gets clogged up with debris or mold, the water won't drain. Instead, it backs up and overflows from the drain pan. A heating repair technician can clean or replace the line so it drains freely.

A Problem With The Condensation Pump

If there is a floor drain right by your furnace, then your furnace may not have a condensation pump. A pump is needed if the drain line has to travel a long way to a drain or be routed outside. A pump can wear out and break down. It can also get clogged up with algae. The repair technician may try cleaning out the pump if algae is a problem, but it might be necessary to replace the pump if it can't be repaired.

A Leak In The Humidifier

If your furnace has a humidifier attached to keep the air in your house from being so dry, then it's possible the leak is coming from the humidifier. The humidifier can get clogged up or develop a leak in a drain line causing water to leak out around your furnace. A repair technician can pinpoint the cause of the problem so the right repairs can be done no matter what part of your furnace is affected.

A Crack In The Heat Exchanger

If you don't have a high-efficiency furnace, then you shouldn't have a problem with condensation unless the water is coming from an attached humidifier. If you see water leaking from a traditional furnace or a high-efficiency furnace and you don't know why, you should have the furnace checked to make sure the cause isn't a crack in the heat exchanger. A cracked heat exchanger can sometimes cause water leakage. This can cause a serious problem if it allows carbon monoxide to escape. A cracked heat exchanger is one of the more expensive heating repairs, so you may want to weigh repairs against replacing your furnace when the exchanger is bad.

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