What Else Do You Need To Do When You Install A New Air Conditioner?

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What Else Do You Need To Do When You Install A New Air Conditioner?

10 May 2021
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When you install a new air conditioner, you can't just plug it in. There is other preparation work you need to take care of. Here's what you needed to know.

Checking Your Duct and Vent Sizes

Each air conditioner needs different size ducts, outlet vents, and return vents. If you aren't replacing your air conditioner with an identical model, your AC installation specialist will need to check if it can work with your existing ducts.

Some air conditioners have different fan speed settings to adjust for different types of ductwork. In other cases, you may need to pick a new model of air conditioner or redo your ducts and vents as well.

In addition, local building codes sometimes require ducts of a specific size and specific positioning for vents. When you install a new air conditioner, you may need to upgrade to meet the new building codes even if your old air conditioner was grandfathered in. Your AC installation company should be familiar with these requirements and what you need to do.

Upgrading Your Electrical Wiring

If you're installing a new or more powerful air conditioner, your existing electrical wiring and circuit breaker may not be able to handle it. Not having the proper wiring could create a fire hazard if your air conditioner is even able to run at all.

Most electrical work requires a licensed electrician. If your home's wiring can't accommodate your new air conditioner, the AC installation company should have an electrician on staff or who they contract with to help with this part of the installation.

Taking Care of Landscaping

If the outdoor unit of your new air conditioner is bigger than what you had or if the AC installers just need more room to work, you may need to adjust your landscaping. This could involve removing bushes or pulling up grass and then creating a new look around your new air conditioner.

Your AC installation specialist will help you plan how much space you need to create. This will include the room for the air conditioner itself, the space you need around it for ventilation, and any additional clearance they need to get in to do the work.

While you're usually responsible for the actual yard work, it's important to get advice from your AC installer on what to do. In addition to giving them room to work, a lack of clearance around your air conditioner can make it less efficient or even break it.

To learn more about AC installation, contact a local air conditioning installation company today.