Steps To Take If Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Not Cooling Properly

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Steps To Take If Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Not Cooling Properly

21 March 2023
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If you rely on an air conditioning unit to provide you with cool temperatures when it gets hot inside of your home, you likely want it to keep running properly when it is needed most. If your unit is not cooling to your desired temperature level, perform the following checks in an attempt to get it back up and running as it should.

Make Sure The Filter Is Not Clogged

Your air conditioner is equipped with a filtration system to keep dust from being emitted into the rooms in your home. If the filter becomes caked with debris, the unit needs to run more frequently to get cooler air to transfer into your indoor space. Make it a priority to check on the condition of the filter regularly. If it is dirty, replace it with a new one or rinse it under water if you have a reusable filter in place. This ensures the air is not obstructed, allowing the rooms in your home to continuously remain at the set temperature level you had chosen.

Keep The Unit Free Of Obstructions

The way you furnish your home makes a difference in the amount of cool air that gets inside the space an air conditioning unit services. If you place large pieces of furniture in front of your unit, cool air will not make its way toward all areas of the rooms in your home. Do not cover your unit with curtains, drapes, or blinds. Position your unit in a window away from a doorway so an open door does not become a barrier to cooling air.

Keep The Condensation Lines Flowing

If the condensation tubing in your unit becomes clogged, the unit will not work properly. Check that the tubing in your unit is free of obstructions. If the water that flows through the tubing becomes clogged, remove the tubing and clean it thoroughly to remove any buildup of algae or mold from within.

Remove Debris From The Exterior Coils

On the back of your air conditioning unit, there are coils made from metal that work at transferring hot air toward the interior of the unit for cooling. If these become caked with debris, the unit will have difficulty cooling the interior of your home. Unplug your unit and use a soft-bristled brush to whisk away debris from each coil. Alternately, use a vacuum attachment to remove dirt from the coils. 

Talk to an HVAC contractor if you need help with your residential A/C.