Replacing And Installing Air Conditioning Is Good For Your Health

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Replacing And Installing Air Conditioning Is Good For Your Health

4 May 2023
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Air conditioning can be a contentious topic among people who want to conserve energy and help the climate. Some claim air conditioning shouldn't be necessary because humans lived without it for so long and that the extra use of energy is bad for the climate. However, newer air conditioning systems can be more energy efficient than heating systems, which no one denies humans need, and air conditioning is just as necessary for your health. Being in too hot an environment can make you ill and create a host of additional problems. If your air conditioning is old, or you're in a home without air conditioning, it's time to upgrade or add a new unit. This replacement or addition could be one of the most beneficial changes you can make in your home.

Better Sleep

If you've suffered through hot nights in summer when you could barely sleep because of the clammy, close feeling in your room, you're doing more to your health than just not getting a good night's sleep. Your body can't get the rest it needs to recuperate from the day, and your brain's ability to clear out toxins is limited. Plus, that lack of sleep can lead to irritability and affect everything from your driving skills to your interpersonal relationships. By installing a new air conditioning unit, you can keep the interior of your home at a comfortable temperature that lets you rest. Good sleep is essential, and you already have so many other issues that could affect sleep quality. Don't let room temperature add to the problem.

Reduced Heat Illness

Being in a hot environment all day increases your chances of getting heat illness. While most people dealing with a heatwave in a suburban or urban environment may not succumb to heat stroke, they (and you) can still develop heat exhaustion and a lot of other, minor heat illnesses like heat edema. This is a swelling in the ankle and foot that happens when wherever you are is just too hot. You can suffer increased dehydration and electrolyte imbalances, too, if you can't get to a cool area. Air conditioning puts a stop to all that. If you can keep your home nice and cool, or at least cooler, then your body doesn't undergo the stress needed to set off heat illnesses.

Lower Humidity and Less Mold

Air conditioning pulls moisture out of the air as it cools and circulates. That lowers humidity in the room, which itself is a bonus; too much humidity can make even cool temperatures seem uncomfortable. But the real benefit of lowering humidity is the reduction in mold and mildew that comes along with it. That in turn reduces allergies and the risk of other mold-related health issues springing up. Fans alone won't do anything to reduce humidity.

Whether your current air conditioning system is old and not working that well or you think it's finally time to install something to cool your home, a call to an air conditioning or HVAC service is in order. Find out which systems are best for your home, and have a new efficient system in place before summer begins. For more information, contact an air conditioning contractor near you.