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Air Conditioning System Coolant 101 - Faqs From Curious Homeowners

12 December 2018
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Your home's air conditioning system works really hard to keep you comfortable inside your home, but if you are like a lot of homeowners, you do not know a lot about what makes this process occur. One of the components that make your air conditioner function is the coolant that it relies on. Coolant, which is also sometimes referred to as refrigerant, has the ability to drastically drop temperatures of air as it slips over coils that contain the coolant. Read More …

When What’s Hot Is Not So Hot: Furnaces Running Cold And What To Do Next

9 November 2018
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Furnaces are supposed to be hot. Hot is what they do. However, if your furnace is not so hot, or is even running cold, you need a furnace repair technician. Here is what you should do next until the technician arrives and how the technician will diagnose and fix the problem. Keep Everyone Warm There are a dozen different ways to keep everyone warm until the technician arrives. Blankets are the best option. Read More …

Is Your Refrigerant Low? Warning Signs To Look For

7 October 2018
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If your air conditioner does not blow cold air, the problem could be due to a low level of refrigerant. An air conditioner requires refrigerant to create cold air. As time goes on, the refrigerant could leak out and prevent the air conditioner from working properly. Here are some warning signs of low refrigerant: Reduced Cold Air When the refrigerant levels get too low, your air conditioner will not produce cold air. Read More …

Features For Your HVAC System To Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

4 September 2018
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The HVAC system that heats and cools your home can do so much more than those two tasks – it can clean the air that you breathe and create the healthiest living environment possible. Here, you'll learn a little about how you can utilize your HVAC system to clean the air in your home. Whole-House Air Filtration Some of the best air filtration systems on the market today are designed to clean the air in your entire home. Read More …

Are Portable Units Right For Your Windows?

1 August 2018
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More and more home improvement stores are selling portable air conditioning units. These are usually used as a substitute for window units. While they can't replace a central AC system, they are perfect for creating a little more cold air in the hotter areas of your home. This article serves as a very useful buying guide to portable AC units. BTUs and Room Size The first thing to look at when shopping for a portable AC unit is the BTU rating. Read More …