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Replacing And Installing Air Conditioning Is Good For Your Health

4 May 2023
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Air conditioning can be a contentious topic among people who want to conserve energy and help the climate. Some claim air conditioning shouldn't be necessary because humans lived without it for so long and that the extra use of energy is bad for the climate. However, newer air conditioning systems can be more energy efficient than heating systems, which no one denies humans need, and air conditioning is just as necessary for your health. Read More …

5 Primary Variables That Affect The Price Of AC System Installation

12 April 2023
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Are you considering adding an air conditioning system to your home? AC system installation helps keep your home cool and comfortable in hot weather, but it can be pretty expensive. Knowing how much it will cost is essential for getting your money in order. The cost of AC installation can vary depending on many factors. Keep reading to acquaint yourself with the main variables influencing AC installation prices.  1. The Type of AC Unit You Choose Read More …

Steps To Take If Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Not Cooling Properly

21 March 2023
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If you rely on an air conditioning unit to provide you with cool temperatures when it gets hot inside of your home, you likely want it to keep running properly when it is needed most. If your unit is not cooling to your desired temperature level, perform the following checks in an attempt to get it back up and running as it should. Make Sure The Filter Is Not Clogged Read More …

Signs Your Ductwork Needs To Be Fixed By An AC Repair Contractor

22 February 2023
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If you expect your home's AC unit to work great, then the ductwork that it's connected to also needs to be in phenomenal condition. Otherwise, you'll have cooling and efficiency issues. If you notice any of these signs, you need to hire an AC repair contractor to fix said ductwork immediately. Temperatures Different in Each Room  If your AC unit's ductwork is in good condition and working like it's supposed to, then each room in your household should reach the same temperature roughly. Read More …

Is Your Central AC System’s Compressor Failing?

8 February 2023
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"You're going to need a new compressor." Those are the words nearly every homeowner fears hearing when their air conditioning system stops working. Your system's compressor is more than just another component: it's the beating heart that allows your air conditioner's refrigerant cycle to function. Without the compressor, your air conditioner would be incapable of successfully transferring heat away from your home. Your compressor is also extremely expensive, and the labor costs to replace one can be high. Read More …