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Three Tankless Water-Heater Myths Refuted

12 October 2016
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Making sure that your home has an efficient water heater is important for the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Eventually, you will be required by circumstances to replace your water heater with a new model. When it is time for your home to undergo this upgrade, you should understand the following truths about routine myths concerning tankless water heaters so that you can be better able to evaluate this as an option for your home. Read More …

Preventing Health Problems in Your Workplace with HVAC Repairs, Upgrades, and Maintenance

10 August 2016
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The money you lose when your employees are out sick can make a huge dent in your overall profits, even more so when the reason they are getting sick is in your building. You have probably taken steps to lower your energy costs by sealing air leaks in your building, and while this is a positive step toward saving money on your heating and cooling costs, it can also be the reason your employees are suffering with symptoms of sick building syndrome. Read More …

Three Tips For Better AC Performance

14 July 2016
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The summer heat can quickly lead to long days of air conditioner use, and if your AC unit isn't working properly then your energy bill can skyrocket. To help your AC run properly and efficiently, there are some tips and services that you will want to perform on your unit before the heat waves begin to roll in. So to ensure your unit produces excellent results without you having to overwork the unit, consider the following: Read More …

Three Common Problems You Could Experience With Your Toilets

26 May 2016
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Your toilet is one of the most essential tools in your home, yet you probably do not give it much thought unless something is wrong with it. From flooding to clogs, your toilet can wreak havoc on your home and cost you a good bit of money in repairs. In order to maintain your toilets and keep them running properly for a long time, you have to understand what type of problems can exist. Read More …

An Introduction To Frozen Pipes

25 March 2016
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Plumbing problems can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, while simultaneously being difficult to detect in many cases. One of the biggest threats that you may face is the possibility of your pipes freezing and bursting. To help you prevent such a calamity from befalling your home, here is some background information on why pipes freeze and how you can reduce the chances of your pipes freezing: Why do pipes freeze? Read More …